This will seriously make you crazy

Hi beautiful,

I just got back from a women’s Tantra retreat in the Joshua Tree desert. It felt sooo good to take time to rest, move my body, connect with nature, and soak in a hot tub under the full moon. (and of course, take a social media break!) Although it feels a little hard to transition back, I’m feeling rejuvenated and (mostly) ready to dive back into work and “real-life” stuff.

Today, I’m feeling pulled to tell you about a conversation I had recently with a woman in her early 20s, who was struggling to choose a career path.

There was the direction her heart wanted her to take (a more alternative career in holistic health) and the direction her parents wanted her to take (a traditional, “safe” career path). She also was feeling pressure from her inner critic, who was yelling at her, “Get it it together already!” She felt very confused, and unsure of who to listen to. She felt frozen, like she couldn’t move in any direction.

I remember feeling exactly the same way a few years ago ~ maybe you can relate, too. 

When I first started thinking about quitting my teaching job, I asked EVERYONE around me what they thought I should do.

From my mom: “Well, they’ve been so good to you at the school ~ the principal, your co-workers, the parents. It seems like a good idea to stay at least another year!”

From my friends: “Yea, quitting is a great idea if you don’t love it. Then you can travel the world and have all kinds of adventures, just like you want.”

From co-workers: “Yea, the first year is hard…but it does get easier with time!”

From fellow newbie teachers: “OMG THIS IS HARD. I’m not sure how long I’m going to last, either…”

From my dad: “Teaching is such a great profession. You’re so good at it, and I’m proud of you!”

From my culture: “Teaching is a very noble, respected profession. If you were to leave this behind…what will you be then??”

From my inner critic: “You worked SO hard to be a teacher ~ you are just going to give up after just a year? That’s failure!”

And on, and on, and on.

I’m telling you, hearing ALL of these different voices (including the ones in my own head), was pretty crazy-making…and it made me feel more lost than ever. Which one should I listen to? I really had no idea.

And then, thank goodness, I learned something very important from one of my teachers: other people’s opinons are simply FEEDBACK. Nothing more, nothing less.

What does that mean? Well, with feedback we have a choice: we can take it, or leave it. Sometimes, other people’s perspectives are a reflection of our own inner truth. Other times, they project their own fears onto us.

So if you’re going to ask for people’s opinons, remember this: take what resonates, and leave the rest.

It really is that simple.

You may be wondering – how do I know if it resonates? 

Because you feel RELIEF when you hear it, like you are finally given permission to do what you are truly longing to do.

Because as you hear the words spoken, you feel the TRUTH of it echo around your own heart…just as I did when my friends said, “Yes, we totally understand why you want to quit your job and travel!”

We ALL have to find our own truth amidst the chaos of other people’s opinions. It’s the only way we can move forward with clarity and confidence…even when other people think we’re crazy. (which often happens when we follow our heart!)

If you’re wanting support in figuring out what’s truly right for you, I have a few amazing workshops coming up in L.A.! My next evening Quarterlife Clarity Workshop is happening on Saturday, May 20th. You can go HERE to sign up and get all the info.

And ~ if you are really READY to figure out your calling & career path, I have a 1-day Quarterlife Clarity Immersion event happening on Saturday, July 15th! There’s a special early bird price of $197 if you sign up by May 19th – you can go HERE to learn all about it & reserve your spot.

Remember ~ you are your #1 guide. Other people can give you all the feedback in the world, but ultimately you get to choose what your truth is.

With love,


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