I started my day with Facebook…

6 years ago, I was working as a teacher, feeling overwhelmed and stressed with the demands of the job. I was also starting my days by rolling out of bed, checking Facebook, and comparing myself to others, which just wasn’t helpful at all. (Can you relate?)

My life coach encouraged me to start a morning practice as a way to help me feel more calm and centered. I would wake up, make some warm lemon water, journal for a few minutes, and do a little bit of mirror work. (Mirror work means looking into your own eyes in the mirror and saying loving affirmations to yourself – I know, it might sound awkward but it’s super powerful!)

Although I had some resistance at first, I came to LOVE this part of my day and would look forward to it. I noticed that when I began the morning by connecting to myself, the rest of the day felt easier. I took things less seriously and had a little more fun & flow to my day.

Because of how nourishing it felt, I had a morning practice for YEARS. But in the swirl of the last few months, which were full of wedding planning, holidays, and other normal life “stuff,” I kinda let my morning practice go. I would have streaks where I meditated for 5-10 minutes each day, but it wasn’t consistent.

Truth be told, I felt too busy to have a morning practice, like I needed to dive right into my day and start being productive…but then I started to feel ungrounded and anxious. My mind was cluttered with way too many thoughts and “to-dos,” and I didn’t feel connected with the rest of my body.

I knew I needed to re-commit to a strong, consistent morning practice in order to show up in my life the way I wanted to: calm, present, and focused on the things that really matter. 

Now I’m spending an hour each morning connecting with myself and the Divine through journaling, yoga, and prayer, and I have felt sooo much better.

In my next email to you, I’ll share exactly what I do for my morning practice to give you some ideas and inspiration as you create your own. (If you already have a practice, that’s amazing!)

I’d like to leave you with my favorite affirmation, by Louise Hay ~ I’ve used this one so much, I have it memorized!

Self-love affirmation
I love you, (your name), I really love you.
You are my best friend, and I’m so happy to spend my life with you. Experiences come and go, however my love for you is constant. We have a wonderful life together, and it will only get better and better. We have so many adventures ahead of us, and a life filled with love. All the love in our lives begins with us. I love you. I really love you! 

Saying this to yourself first thing every morning is a beautiful act of self-love, and a great way to start your day. And it’s even more powerful if you say it to yourself in the mirror!


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