Searching for your purpose? Try THIS.

Are you in a job you don’t love? Do you ever ask yourself, “What am I doing with my life??” 

Answering this BIG question can be quite daunting, right? I remember asking myself this a few years ago, and feeling completely overwhelmed when I had NO idea what the answer was.

So, I started asking myself “smaller” questions instead…and I encourage you to do the same!

What can you do TONIGHT that would make you feel really good? 

What activities make you feel alive & inspired?

What makes you feel like YOU? 

I asked myself these very questions the other night when Ajay needed the apartment for a few hours. Instead of thinking, “Ok, what errands can I get done, what can I cross off my to-do list?” I wondered, “What would feel really good right now? What would nourish me in a deep way?”

Instantly I knew, because I felt the sea calling, as it often does…Go to the beach. Sit there. Feel the wind whipping your hair, watch the waves roll across the sand. Listen to your heart. Cry a few tears. Smile at the sunset. Write down the words that are pouring out of your heart.

So I did. I wrote, I cried, I smiled. I let the beautiful scene fill me up, and left feeling so inspired.

Then, I asked myself, “What now, sweetheart? What would make you happy?”

I want to go to a cafe and read my book. I want to sit with a coffee and a cookie, and read. I used to do that, and for some reason I don’t anymore.

So that’s what I did. As I sat in Urth Cafe, I felt a bubble of joy rise up within me. Somehow, sitting there with my book, immersed in my inner world, I felt like I had come home to myself. Reading & writing totally do that for me.

So what is it for you, love?

What brings you joy and aliveness?

What makes you feel most like YOU? 

Your answers might feel simple: Taking a bath. Cuddling with your boyfriend. Listening to music. Reading your favorite book. Doing yoga. Cooking a beautiful meal. Dancing. Coloring. Talking to your BFF…there is no wrong answer! Trust whatever is true for you. (And if you aren’t sure what the answers are, that’s ok! Just start experimenting and see what feels good).

You might be wondering, “Ok, but what does taking a BATH have to do with my life purpose??”

Well, a lot actually. It’s hard to hear your inner voice if you are constantly on the go, or always scrolling through social media (I know, it’s easy to get glued to the screen!) You need to slow down, get quiet, and do the things that get you in the vibration of joy and creativity to find the answers you are searching for. (I have had some great insights while taking a bath).

Sometimes the things that you love are actually guiding you towards your greater calling. 

For example, when I was teaching and feeling miserable, I started to take notice of the things that DID make me feel good. When I would come home at night, after collapsing into my bed for a 2-hour nap (teaching is exhausting for an introvert like me!) I would wake up and absolutely dread the lesson planning & grading that had to get done.

But then… I would think about my other “homework” and felt excited and motivated. I had assignments from my life coach and from a self-love course I was taking, and I absolutely LOVED it. My teacher ‘homework’ felt boring and draining, yet I could do my personal growth homework for hours and be perfectly happy, hardly noticing that time was passing me by.

Eventually, I realized that this joy I felt was actually pointing the way towards a career in personal growth. A career where I could write, coach women, and teach from my experience. A career that would truly light me up. All because I started noticing – and making time for – the things I truly loved.

So, this week, set aside some time to do the things that truly light you up! Even if it’s just for 10 minutes a day, it will make a difference. And, you might just start getting some new insights. Because answering the smaller questions can lead to the bigger answers. 

With love & encouragement,


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