Red lipstick + Career lessons

It’s been quite the week! I had my Quarterlife Clarity Workshop, my parents came to visit and…I learned how to do make-up!!!

I’ve been wanting to learn how to do make-up for awhile now. Although I knew the basics (ok, well, mascara), I had no idea how to pick the right colors for my skin tone, apply foundation, or even use an eyelash curler (I always thought you were supposed to use it after putting on mascara…lol!)

Then I remembered that my friend Jamie used to be a make-up artist, so I humbly asked her to teach me. She was happy to take me shopping and give me a make-up lesson!

As we were shopping and perusing the products, I decided to try on some red lipstick ~ something I’ve never worn before. I thought, “It looks great on other women…why not? Maybe I’ll love it!”

Then I looked in the mirror, and we both laughed, agreeing that red lipstick is just not “me.”

Yet I didn’t know until I tried it out. 

The same thing applies to our careers: Sometimes we just don’t know if a job is right until we actually try it. 

I was SO sure I wanted to be a teacher during college…I even felt sorry for my fellow students who kept changing their majors. I would think to myself smugly, “Well, at least I have it figured out.”

Ah, little did I know.

Once I actually got my own classroom, my own students, and my own huge set of responsibilities, everything changed. I found myself exhausted and unhappy, and the job just didn’t feel like “me.”

It was really hard to admit to myself – and others – that I was wrong. That the path I was so sure about wasn’t making me happy. I felt like I had failed.

Yet I didn’t fail. I just had to try it to know

At my Quarterlife Clarity Workshop last weekend, the women bravely shared their own quarterlife crisis moments. And their stories had a similar theme to mine.

My sister shared that she had been SO excited to quit her job and use all her hard-earned savings to travel the world.

She thought this was her answer: she was going to be a travel blogger and create an amazing Instagram account with all her travel photos. She figured she’d love it so much, she’d want to travel forever.

That is, until a few months into her trip she found herself in Venice, Italy. She vividly remembers sitting on the edge of a canal, staring into the waters, feeling like she should be happy to be in such an amazing place… yet couldn’t have felt more low. Instead of feeling inspired and joyful like she had expected, she felt miserable and alone, and was longing to come home.

It was HARD, because everyone saw her as this cool, adventurous backpacking girl…yet she didn’t feel like that. She just felt lost and confused: If her life purpose wasn’t to travel and blog, what was it? (She’s now on a pretty amazing path to figure that out!)

Like me, Michelle had a hard time admitting that she felt lost. Yet we ALL go through moments like these in our 20s! We judge ourselves so harshly for choosing the “wrong” path…and we fear that others will judge us just as harshly.

But here’s the TRUTH: (listen closely)

It’s ok to not know.
It’s ok to feel lost.
It’s ok to question your path.
It’s ok to take some time to figure it out.
It’s ok to change your mind.
It’s ok to have a new dream.
It’s ok to feel a little crazy because of your new dream.
And it’s ok to start all over again.

Remember ~ we are always growing and evolving, so it’s only natural that our careers grow and evolve right along with us!

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