Feeling the January pressure?

How has the beginning of your year been?

My January has been pretty quiet so far. I’ve been clearing out my clutter, doing a gentle, food-based cleanse, and planning for my upcoming wedding. I’ve also been recovering from a long sickness, which means I haven’t had the energy to rush into the new year, ready to take on the world and reach all my goals.

It has been such a blessing.

Let’s face it, January can be pretty stressful if we move right into “doing” mode: Lose the weight. Get your finances together. Start the business. Get in the relationship of your dreams. And oh, try to make it all happen by Feb. 1st!

Ugh, that’s way too much pressure, not to mention exhausting!

Here’s the good news: there is a different way.

In indigenous traditions, January is actually known as “dreaming time.” If we follow this wisdom, we see that January is the time to take a feminine pause to go within, connect spiritually (in whatever way works for you), and LISTEN.

Listen for what wants to happen this year. Listen to our most heartfelt desires. Listen for the divine guidance that is showing us glimpses of the path ahead.

Something that is helping me get lots of clarity is clearing my clutter and organizing my space. Every time I place an item in the donation box, I feel a little bit lighter. Random insights come my way. And it’s super fun to clear space for new things to enter my life! (I’ve already taken two trips to World Market to look for some new home decor.)

It’s also super helpful to get out into nature during this “dreaming” time. I’ve made a commitment to spend time by the ocean at least once a week, watching the waves and journaling. If you’re in a colder place, you could even cozy up next to a window that gives you a beautiful view of the outdoors.

So here’s my invitation to you: be super gentle with yourself this January. Truly, it’s ok if you don’t make any big changes this month. It’s not the time to make big changes. Instead, ask yourself questions like:

  • What am I longing for this year?
  • What is this year truly ABOUT for me?
  • What is most important for me to focus on?
  • What messages am I hearing? (from other people, from my intuition, from the divine?)

Let’s take the pressure off ourselves this January so that we have time to dream and clear space for what’s to come!

With love,

P.S. One of my clients, Kate, is a declutter coach, and she has helped me a TON in getting my home all tidied and organized. Gone are all my messy closets and paper piles, and I seriously feel soo much more peaceful and happy in my space. And the amazing thing is, she lives in Sydney and does it all via Skype! If you could use a little extra support in getting your space all tidied up, Kate is offering free 30-minute consultations to see how she can help with your clutter challenges. If you’re interested, you can email her at katelouiselife@gmail.com.

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