Feeling the intensity right now? How to honor the fall season

What an intense fall this has been! My summer felt slooow and uneventful…and then suddenly autumn rushed with all its color and intensity – traveling! wedding planning! new projects!

I seriously love everything about this season ~ the pumpkin treats, the gorgeous leaves, the slanting sunlight, and the crisp new beginnings. Plus, fall has a LOT to offer us on a deeper level, if we choose to align ourselves with the season (a great way to get into our feminine energy).

Here are 5 ways to honor the fall season:

1. Start something new. Fall is the season of fresh starts – the perfect time to start a project, try a new class, or launch a creation. For example, in September I felt super inspired to offer my Feminine Flow course (we finished last week!) and I loved how much it sparked my creative fire and connected me more deeply with some of you.

2. Find balance. Fall equinox is the time of equal day and night, so it’s a great time to reflect on what needs to come into balance in your life: Do you need to work less and rest & play more? Do you need more time with soul friends? Do you need more time and energy for your creative projects? Once you figure out what needs to come into balance, take steps to prioritize those things! For example, I’m craving more creative writing time, so I’ve scheduled it into my calendar.

3. Cleanse & detox. Fall is a great time to reset your gorgeous physical body by doing some sort of detox or cleanse. I’ve been doing an elimination diet over the past week and it’s felt amazing (and much-needed). I’ve been eating mostly fruit, veggies, seeds and oils to eliminate all potential inflammatory foods from my diet, and then slowly adding them back in to see how my body reacts. My advice is to follow your intuition and find a naturopath or health coach who can support you in finding the cleanse that works best for you.

4. Be intentional. Somehow, we only have 3 months left of 2017 – crazy, I know. Take a look back on the year and ask yourself these questions: Back in January, what were your hopes and dreams for the year? Are there things you wanted to focus on, but haven’t? What needs to happen for you to end 2017 feeling satisfied and proud of yourself?

5. Connect spiritually.  Many cultures believe the veil between worlds (spiritual & physical) becomes thin at the end of October. That’s why we have Halloween, Day of the Dead, All Saints Day, AND the Celtic festival of Samhain, all occuring at the same time! This makes it a potent time to connect with ancestors and spirit guides. Placing a photo on your altar of a loved one that has “passed over” is a beautiful practice. It’s also a great time to engage in prayer, meditation, and journaling. *Stay tuned, because in a few weeks I’m going to be hosting a gathering in my home in L.A. that’s all about honoring this sacred time! 

Wishing you SO much coziness and inspiration this fall (or spring if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere!)

With love,

P.S. Because fall is such an amazing time to gain clarity and figure out your next steps, I’ve opened up a few slots for complimentary “Career Clarity” sessions this week & next! If you’re feeling confused or lost in your career, wondering what in the world you should do next, this is the perfect time to dive deep with me. Just reply to this email and we’ll set up a time to talk. 🙂

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