She couldn’t ignore the truth any longer.

The Call

 The words floated on the wind ~ it’s time, love.

Yet she didn’t want to listen.

The words crashed in with the waves.

It’s time, love.

Again, she refused the call.

Then the words came pouring down with the rain.

It’s time, love. It’s truly time.

Yet she was scared. She wasn’t ready.

Then the words burned a fiery hole through her home.

It’s time. It’s time. It’s time.  

Her life falling apart around her, she couldn’t ignore truth any longer.

It’s time, she sighed in surrender, with a twinge of wild anticipation. It’s time.


What is it for you, love?

Who are you feeling called to be? What are you feeling called to change in your life?

Maybe you’re feeling called to start a new career, or become an entrepreneur. Maybe you know it’s time to end a relationship. Perhaps it’s time to move to a new city, new state…or even abroad.

Maybe it’s simply time to stop worrying about what others think, and start fully expressing yourself.

Whatever it is, I urge you to listen to that whispered voice that pulses with your truth. I’ve tried to ignore the voice myself, but I’ve found it just gets more peristent, life gets more difficult…until I surrender, listen, and follow the guidance, even if it totally scares me (which it usually does!)

Yet following the call of our intuition will lead us to places so beautiful, so right, that we will wonder how we ever doubted it. 

If you’re ready to learn how your intuition speaks to you, you are invited to my first-ever sunset gathering! The theme is INTUITION & DESIRE, and as we watch the sun set over the Pacific, we’re going to tune into our voice of inner wisdom, supported by nature and amazing women.

It’s happening on Wed. July 19th at 6:30 pm in Santa Monica. And it’s free! You can go here for all the details and to reserve your spot:

With love & encouragement,

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