Welcome! I’m Angela, and I’m so honored you are here.

I know you are longing to do something else, to feel excited and inspired when you wake up in the morning. And I KNOW it’s possible for you.

I also know what it feels like to find yourself in a career you don’t love.

At 25 I began my career as a middle school Spanish teacher. Up until then (pretty much my entire life), I had been so sure that teaching was my dream career. Yet after just one year of teaching, I came to the uncomfortable realization that something wasn’t right…

I was exhausted and miserable. I dreaded lesson planning every night, and each day I felt like I had to put on a mask to just get the job done. Every afternoon when I came home, I collapsed into bed, wondering how in the world I would get through another week.

I’ll never forget the moment, standing at the file cabinet in my classroom, when it dawned on me: “I do NOT want to be doing this 5 years from now.”

It was one of the clearest intuitions I have ever had. Although I had no idea what I would do instead, I was ready to figure it out. Yet it was clear to me that I wouldn’t be able to do the deep personal exploration I was longing to do while working in such a demanding, all-consuming job. With the help of my life coach, I took a huge leap of faith and quit my job.

I had to summon all of my courage to walk into my principal’s office and tell her I was leaving. For years, my identity had been so wrapped around being a teacher that I suddenly felt lost and unsure of who I really was.

This started a period of deep soul-searching. Who was I? What did I really long to do?

To figure this out, I decided a solo backpacking trip through Southeast Asia was just what I needed. I left my Minneapolis apartment behind to live in hostels for the next five months. I traveled and volunteered my way through China, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos, until I found myself exhausted from the constant travel, longing to go home. I had reached the point where I was ready to stop running away from the calling I felt deep inside. I was just so scared to admit it, even to myself:

I was longing to be a writer, a life coach, and a teacher of personal growth and spirituality.

Right then and there, I made a promise to myself: no more running away. The truth was, my calling brought up so much fear and self-judgment that I ran away to the other side of the world to avoid listening to it.

I knew that this new career, this SOUL career, would require me to be more vulnerable and expressive than I had ever been before. I knew it would require me to tell my story in a more public way, which felt incredibly uncomfortable. Yet I also knew that it was time.

I wish I could tell you that it was easy to step into my purpose, but it’s been the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Over and over again I had to face my deepest fears. Building my business, sharing my blogs, embarking on a career that many people hadn’t yet heard of in the Midwest…all of these things brought up my deepest fears and insecurities. There were times that I quit, decided that it was simply too hard, too uncomfortable.

Yet my purpose kept calling, and over and over again I choose to answer the call. 

Today I feel more alive and free than I ever have in my life. 2 years ago I moved to L.A. because that’s where I intuitvely felt I needed to be. (It’s basically the mecca of the personal growth world!) It took all of my courage to sell my things, packed up my car, and move away from my lifelong home. Although the transition hasn’t always been easy, I know I’m where I need to be. The ocean and the people feed my soul.

I am so committed to living my dream life, and I am passionate about helping other women to do the same. I’d love to be your guide and cheerleader along your journey to living your purpose and passion. Check out my coaching page for more on how we can work together to get you unstuck and doing work that truly lights you up.