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This is saving me right now!

I'm a week away from my wedding (omg!) and one thing that has helped SO much with the stress & pressure I've been feeling is … continue reading

I started my day with Facebook...

6 years ago, I was working as a teacher, feeling overwhelmed and stressed with the demands of the job. I was also starting my days by … continue reading

Feeling the January pressure?

How has the beginning of your year been? My January has been pretty quiet so far. I've been clearing out my clutter, doing a gentle, food-based … continue reading

Feeling the intensity right now? How to honor the fall season

What an intense fall this has been! My summer felt slooow and uneventful...and then suddenly autumn rushed with all its color and intensity - traveling! … continue reading

The astrologer knew I'd be obsessed with this...

Four years ago, I saw my first astrologer. It was pretty impressive: she predicted that I would move to California AND that it would be … continue reading