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The astrologer knew I'd be obsessed with this...

Four years ago, I saw my first astrologer. It was pretty impressive: she predicted that I would move to California AND that it would be … continue reading

4 things you need to hear

I hope your summer is going well! Tomorrow my boyfriend and I are heading off to Sedona, Arizona to celebrate his birthday and spend some … continue reading

She couldn't ignore the truth any longer.

The Call  The words floated on the wind ~ it’s time, love. Yet she didn’t want to listen. The words crashed in with the waves. It’s time, love. Again, she … continue reading

What story are you telling yourself?

I am a BIG believer in the power of guided journaling, so I just HAVE to tell you about one of my favorite exercises! It doesn't take … continue reading

She was nervous to turn 30...

Hi lovely, Today, I want to talk to you about turning 30.  It’s perfect timing for this blog, as we just celebrated my sister's 30th birthday last week, … continue reading